Tomoko Kawada
Tomoko Kawada 2
Tomoko Kawada
Romanized Tomoko Kawada
Kanji 川田 知子
Rōmaji Kawada Tomoko
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Taupe
Eye Color Taupe
Height 164cm
Blood Type O
Hair Length Shoulder long
Three Measures 86cm (Bust), 59cm (Waist), 90cm (Hips)
Classroom 3-C (class teacher)
Birthday June 24th
Real Life
Appears in Game, Anime and Manga
Seiyū Ayako Kawasumi

Tomoko Kawada (川田 知子 Kawada Tomoko) is the film reearch club's advisor at the kibina high school as well help's the swimming team. it is mentioned by her that the members of the film research club forced her to become advisor. she wasthe refree at the swim meet at the kibina high school.

Tomoko Kawada 1

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