Narumi Satonaka
Satonaka Narumi
Narumi Satonaka
Romanized Narumi Satonaka
Kanji 里仲 なるみ
Rōmaji Satonaka Narumi
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 147cm
Blood Type B
Hair Length Chin-long
Three Measures 75 (Bust), 56 (Waist), 78 (Hips)
Classroom 1-A
Birthday April 8th
Real Life
Appears in Game, Anime and Manga
Seiyū Kaori Mizuhashi

Narumi Satonaka (里仲 なるみ Satonaka Narumi) is the granddaughter of Gunpei Satonaka, the owner of Satonaka, a Udon Restarunt in Kibina, Japan. She is friends with Aihara's sister, Nana, who helped her establish the Udon Lovers' Association.

Videos Edit

PS2 キミキス 里仲 なるみ ED12:21

PS2 キミキス 里仲 なるみ ED

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