Megumi Kuryu
Kuryu Megumi
Megumi Kuryu
Romanized Megumi Kuryu
Kanji 栗生 恵
Rōmaji Kuryu Megumi
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Height 149cm
Blood Type O
Hair Length Shoulder long
Three Measures 81cm (Bust), 58cm (Waist), 82cm (Hips)
Classroom 2-A
Birthday May 11th
Real Life
Appears in Game, Anime and Manga
Seiyū Mai Nakahara

Megumi Kuryu is a 2nd year prefect from group A. she is stern and meticulous. her dad owns a dojo near the Kibina High School and she trains there everday before school. and in love fighter (episode she appears as a main chracter) she also has a 2nd dan in judo and she has no boyfriend.

in love fighter likes Kazuki Aihara at 1st then it was Kouichi Sanada and then it was Eiji Kai but her main love interest is Akira Hiiragi. she's in class 2-A along with kazuki, kouichi, yuumi, asuka, and akira.

Videos Edit

この花はまっすぐに - 栗生恵 (cv 中原麻衣) SVP03:49

この花はまっすぐに - 栗生恵 (cv 中原麻衣) SVP

PS2 キミキス 栗生 恵 ED11:48

PS2 キミキス 栗生 恵 ED

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