Mao Mizusawa
Mao Mizusawa
Romanized Mao Mizusawa
Kanji 水澤 摩央
Rōmaji Mizusawa Mao
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 162cm
Blood Type O
Hair Length Shoulder long
Three Measures 89cm (Bust), 58cm (Waist), 87cm (Hips)
Classroom 3-A
Birthday February 27th
Real Life
Appears in Game and Anime
Seiyū Haruna Ikezawa

Mao Mizusawa (水澤 摩央 Mizusawa Mao) is a very active, energetic, and cheerful older student of class 3-A.

In the AnimeEdit

In the anime, after moving back to Japan from Paris, she lived with Kouichi and his mom but moves due to her feelings for Kouichi, although the two go to the same school. Mao's first love interest in the anime was a quiet, tough looking boy named Eiji Kai. At first, the two disliked each other, but soon developed feelings as they both opened up. Not long after that, Mao and Eiji began to date. The relationship did not last long due to Mao realizing her feelings for Kouichi. She breaks up with Eiji later in the anime


  • She shares some similarities with Haruka Morishima, Rihoko Sakurai and Kaoru Tanamachi from Kimikiss' Spiritual Sucessors Amagami if one follows the arc of either heroine, and Haruka Niimi and Aki Muroto from Photo Kano.
  • She is similar to Haruka and Aki as they are the oldest heroines and are the only Seniors, and all three are older than their boyfriends (if one follows both Haruka's Amagami SS Arc and Aki's Photokano arc)
  • Her main similarity to Kaoru and Rihoko, and Haruka Niimi is that she is a childhood friend turned boyfriend to the Protagonist(if one follows either the Rihoko or the Kaoru arc from Amagami plus the Haruka Niimi arc from Photokano, although, she is the only one who is older than the protagonist.
  • However, if one does not follow neither the Amagami SS Haruka Morishima, Rihoko Sakurai and the Kaoru Tanamachi arcs nor the Photokano Haruka Niimi and Aki Muroto arcs, Mao will hold the distinction of both being childhood friends with and older than her boyfriend.



Videos Edit

Kimikiss Game Ps2 Best End Mao Mizusawa Part0108:31

Kimikiss Game Ps2 Best End Mao Mizusawa Part01

Kimikiss Game Ps2 Best End Mao Mizusawa Part0206:46

Kimikiss Game Ps2 Best End Mao Mizusawa Part02

Many many smile - 水澤摩央 (cv 池澤春菜) SVP05:19

Many many smile - 水澤摩央 (cv 池澤春菜) SVP

PS2 キミキス 水澤摩央 ED16:26

PS2 キミキス 水澤摩央 ED

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