Eriko Futami
Eriko Futami
Romanized Eriko Futami
Kanji 二見 瑛理子
Rōmaji Futami Eriko
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Height 162cm
Blood Type AB
Hair Length Waist-long
Three Measures 78cm (Bust), 55cm (Waist), 79cm (Hips)
Classroom 2-C
Birthday November 1st
Real Life
Appears in Game and Anime
Seiyū Rie Tanaka
Eriko Futami (二見 瑛理子 Futami Eriko) lives in Kibina, Japan and is a 2nd year student at Kibina High School in class 2-C along with Mitsuki Shijyou.

She has an IQ of 190 and has no taste buds so everything tastes the same to her. She usually loiters in the science lab or on the school rooftop. She tends to hand in blank test sheets so she can see how the teachers will react.

To her, high school is just a game. She lives in an apartment with her father though her father is really busy with his work and rarely at home. It is implied that her cold personality is caused by her family problems.

In the AnimeEdit

In the beginning of summer vacation, Kazuki found a paper airplane that just flew out the window. Kazuki found out that the paper airplane was a marked 0 test, with Futami's name on it. Kazuki went and retrieved the failed test all the back to the science room where he found Futami looking out the window. Afterwards, she started to do experiments with Kazuki Aihara by doing romantic actions (such as kissing him) when he stumbled upon her to find out why people fall in love.

Over time, Kazuki's persistence in persuing her, she began to love him back. At the end of the anime, Kazuki was able to find Eriko on the roof tops. The two were able to confess to each other, and the two kissed.


Videos Edit

LOVE no reason - 二見瑛理子 (cv 田中理恵) SVP04:30

LOVE no reason - 二見瑛理子 (cv 田中理恵) SVP

PS2 キミキス 二見 瑛理子 ED15:37

PS2 キミキス 二見 瑛理子 ED

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